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Getting Ready for Midsommarfest

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Going over some of the hot points related to this coming weekend.


On Clark St. in Andersonville, Chicago, IL. The event runs through the heart of the neighborhood, starting at FOSTER heading north to CATALPA. Everything starts at 5:00PM Friday June 9. Saturday and Sunday start times are 11:00AM and will run until as late as 10:00PM. Depending upon guest traffic and weather, we may close up our booth anytime after 8:00PM each night. Best time to shop with us is Friday night or anytime before 1:00PM and after 5:00PM Saturday & Sunday. We tend to be hyper busy during the middle of the afternoon until “dinner time”.

The Experience

We put a little more planning into our merchandising and displays. We touched up some of our fixtures to coordinate with JÖL branding. Steps were taken to clearly identify product categories. We have BEARD CARE & SHAVING; BODY SCENTS & DEODORANTS; SOAPS & CLEANSER; LOTIONS & SKIN CARE: as then we will have an island of all JÖL for HOME which includes candles, melts and room sprays. Then there will be a tiny section in a corner of PETS and OUTDOORS. Each section will have a “MENU” listing all the items in the section with pricing. This will be located on the highest merchandised shelf.

Then there will be the checkout area that will be as out of the way and easily seen. Overstock, supplies and other items not part of our shopping experience will be tucked away and out of sight. Our goal here is to remove clutter and create a more welcoming space.

New Stuff?

Outside of our current seasonal scents for candles, we will have a lot of new or returning favorites in every category. Our complete line of shaving products will be on hand, new Salt + Sugar Scrubs, our new BUGGEROFF bug repelling candle. BIGBAR Soaps and other items have been expanded to include well suited seasonal scents. In Beard Care we will have our new glass jar packing for the Original Beard Butter that is just starting to make it to more scent options. We will also have a couple scents we thought we would add to gather feedback around. We will also have our LIP BALMS well stocked!

At this moment, we do not know our exact location. We have been assigned a booth number and our point of entry when we arrive to set up our space. It is possible that this can all change at the last minute.

What to do when you visit our space:

  • Come on in and look around. We have a large of variety of items inside – nearly everything we have on this website.
  • Don’t worry about that drink you are carrying, set it on a shelf once inside. But do keep food stuffs outside.
  • Browse around,
  • Touch, smell and read labels. We want you to find something that suits your needs, your tastes and your sensibilities. It is OK to open jars and bottles to smell, please don’t touch the contents.
  • Ask questions. We may have a quick answer or can find it for you rather quickly.
  • Pricing is noted in each section (defined by width of shelves between supports) for all items within that section on a “MENU BOARD” sign. Or, just ask.
  • No need to haggle, or tip. We strive to have fair pricing for our items that cover our expenses as well as offer a better price than our contemporaries.
  • Doesn’t hurt to tell us that you do not see anything to your liking. If there was something you think we would have and don’t, tell us. You are our inspiration for new items and scents.
  • Credit/Debit (including tap pay services) is preferred, but cash is accepted. Sorry, we do not take Venmo, Zelle, PayPal or other money transfer methods. Please do not leave our space until we validate that your card went through, because…
  • …Our POS system is slow and cumbersome, additionally it can be affected by an overwhelmed cellular service. It is common for us to momentarily lose signal and be “bottle necked”. We have no control over this.
  • Need a bag? We try to reduce waste by encouraging guests to bring their own, but we do have bags made of recycled paper available – no charge!
  • We can ship your order, all or part, for our standard flat rate shipping fee.
  • We prefer not to hold product. If we do, please make point to come back as soon as possible. We will not hold last ones or super hot items for more than 1 hour.
  • Pets and kids are welcome. Be cautious of pet leashes getting snared by things in the space. And please be mindful of others in the space.
  • Have fun, laugh and enjoy yourself and us. And certainly enjoy everything of interest that Midsommarfest offers you. There are TONS of things to see, smell, taste and do while you visit.

We hope you do come out to see us. If you can’t make, plan to come next year, or look for our next event Pop Up Shop.

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