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Inventory Update for May 4, 2023

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We have some good news this time and some details on plans for the coming months.


Lotions are returning to a favorable stock status. As of this moment we are well stocked on the DAILY MOISTURIZING LOTION in all scents as well as the return of OXFORD scent; and DAILY USE ACNE LOTION is also well in stock. A production run will take place this week for the EXTRA CARE LOTION and REVITALIZING LOTION. Then we will bulk up WHIPPED BUTTER. This will not be in the planned compostable bottles, but are in bottles made 100% from recycled plastics until we can find a reliable source for the compostable bottles.


BIG BARS online orders will remain limited to 1 bar of each. Although we have sorted out the issue we were having, we now need to have time to bulk up inventory. With all the other production needs, it will take a little while to get there. We wish to keep well in stock as we head into festival season. Do expect the online order limit to remain at 1 per order through May.

Liquid soaps are holding steady. We have exhausted our inventory of the soap base and do not plan to order more until end of May. If time permits, we will bulk up scent options in time for Midsommarfest.


ORIGINAL BEARD BUTTER is migrating to glass jars, first available for the custom scented options, then making their way to the standard scents as inventory is made. We will not sell the glass jars until all plastic jar inventory is sold. We follow a strict first in – first out policy for inventory.

Beard Shampoo is adequately stocked for now. We may have time to make more before the first festival. We don’t expect to sell out before then.

Shaving goods are getting back to form. We wish to do a production run of our NEW AFTER SHAVE CREME within the next few days, then we will work on SHAVING CREAM, SHAVING OIL and SHAVING SOAP. Expect us to be fully stock on all shaving items by end of the May. The after shave cream will be a little thinner creme to be dispensed from a bottle versus the previous tube bottle. Those that recall, this is how we initially presented this product.

We are also looking into expanding JUNK OIL into more scents. With criteria being that the formula remains safe for all the skin you have, no matter where you apply it. We also wish to expand into a JÖL labeled version that is more geared for all people. Do let us know what you think!


We will run production of FOAMING FACE WASH and select scents of the BATH + BODY SCRUBs next week. With remaining ingredient stock we will make as many as we can of the HANDS + FEET SCOURING SOAP. All the items we make using this base have been much loved by their fans. The ease of use, versatility and performance makes these a staple for many of you. We wish to keep these items well in stock although they is more work involved in making them. To get the texture just right, it takes at least an hour under a mixer to whip it up.

There are plans in the work to make this base 100% from scratch, where we have more control over the ingredients and can make larger batches at once. At this time, taking production labor into account, it is less troublesome to source the base as we have been. Our DIY version would include all the same ingredients that are natural, plant sourced and even EcoCERT Certified organic explicitly for cosmetic use.


BODY MISTS are all well in stock and ready for summer. We introduced REACH THE BEACH as new scent for the summer. A fact about our BODY MISTS, we tend to produce these mainly for the warm months and end production going into Autumn. This is due to the seasonality of the item, as demand for them plummet during cooler months.

We have brought back our SALT + SUGAR SCRUBS. These were a popular festival item for years that faded away when we were not able to do festivals. We tweaked our recipe and have applied some of our new fragrances to these oil based scrubs. They are also bigger, at 250 grams – a whopping half pound! – and we are only increasing the price $4 over the former 120g size, which was $12. Some of these are already available in the shop, although without photos as of today.


We are trying to bring back some old favorites, such as our HAIR OIL. Previously we offered two options, 100% Organic ARGAN OIL and 50% ARGAN OIL blend. The 100% ARGAN OIL will return in a 60ml (2 ounce) bottle with dosing pump dispenser VERY SOON! We are tweaking our blended formula to be more organic and using some of the best oils for hair and scalp. The 100% ARGAN OIL will be strictly available as unscented. The argan oil blend will be available as unscented as well as select scent options. The scent options will be a test as there has been requests for them in the past. Do expect our most popular JÖL scents to be applied.

A spray version of an oil hair treatment has also been on the whiteboard for some time. This has been tested as a beard care option and worked reasonably well. What to call such an item is one thing holding it back. Any use of the word “spray” in the product title is likely to evoke a styling or holding hair spray. This would be quite a different concept and would be more for those who wish a natural, moisturized look over a style that would rely upon a holding hair spray. Once we get that sorted out we can then tackle fine tuning the formula and packaging.

We wish to re-introduce our HYALURONIC ACID SERUM soon. We have created an all new formula that will include Vitamin C and Ferulic Acid. Sourcing the ideal packaging for this serum is our roadblock. We want a dosing pump dispenser with a nicer looking bottle that suits the product. This is a more refined product and the package should show that.


Now that we are seemingly recovered from a couple years of assorted issues plaguing us with delays, it appears we are getting back on track. Our inventory is looking better, far fewer out of stock situations and what is out of stock should be replenished more rapidly. We greatly appreciate all of you for sticking with us through all of this. The hope is now that you find even more things to bring a little more JÖL into your life. Hehe, I loved typing that!

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