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Spring – Summer Collection Introductions

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Using our renewed focus on video content, we made 2 videos to talk about the 6 scents that make up our Spring – Summer Collection. We ask that you check them out if you have any questions about what they may smell like.

Part One: Citrus Green Tea, Night Swimming, The Tide Is Nigh. Extra bit about Rain In The Summertime

Part Two: Red Sangria, Suburban Saturday, Reach The Beach. Extra Bit about JÖL for Outdoor Living.

We hope you enjoy these videos for what they are. We get it, these are not super awesomely produced videos and come across a little clunky. It is through these videos that we can get better at the art of making videos as we go. At the end of the day, it is all about the product and telling stories.

How JÖL Seasonal Collections Work:

We offer these seasonal collection as a means to offer more variety through placing a focus on scents that suit a season – time of the year. The seasons can impact our tastes, as much as we tend to enjoy certain foods one time of the year over another, the same goes for scents. It also allows us to try new things and offer a wider array of options that we could not sustain all year long.

We introduce seasons on the 1st of a month, in the case of Spring – Summer it was March 1st for the first wave, April 1st for the second wave. We offer these warmer seasons together as they tend to overlap more than Autumn and Winter. One full month before the end of the season, we stop making the scents for that season. This allows us to sell through inventory and reduce stock that we would hold until the season comes again. Since candles don’t expire, there is no need to offer a clearance to sell them off. On the day we make a new season available, the previous season is removed from our site and no-longer offered for in-person sales.

Look for September 1st for the return of our Autumn Collection, November 1st for Holiday and Winter Collections. The Autumn Collection retires December 1st, Holiday January 1st and Winter will retire March 1st. This is when it all repeats again.

There is no guarantee that any specific scent will return with the next cycle. If it did not sell well or if a key scent ingredient is not available when we need to buy it, it will not fully return. This year, Suburban Saturday is returning in a limited capacity as it was not as popular as we would have liked and the costs to make the scent has increased significantly. If it sold better, we would have a chance to recover the expense increase. There is no set number of scents we offer per season, but we do aim for 3.

Outside of Seasonal Collection and our Year-Round scents, we also offer Limited Engagement Scents. These are made exclusively as Candles and limited in release to a set number of units based upon how well we expect it to do. These scents may be very narrow in appeal, are tied to an event or as a means to test appeal of a scent we are not quite sure about. If we get heaps of positive feedback we will strongly consider upgrading it to a more prominent position as either Seasonal or Year-Round. This is how Arid Forest started with us. Coming soon, we have something planned in this area that we think will be fun!

Thank you all for your time and your support. We hope you enjoy our videos and will come back for future content.


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