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OK, We Posted a Video…

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…Now What Are We Going To Do?

We have launched the first video in our renewed commitment to producing such content as we continue on our path. If you have not seen this video, follow this link:

This was not a quick and easy process for me. Over the last year there have been multiple attempts to make such content. The plan was to have help but that help ended up being overwhelmed with their full-time gig leaving me to go solo. As I mention in the video, that what it takes to do this is not in my skill set. By saying that, I mean it is WAY outside my skill set. I’m not opposed to trying to change that; it will only take some time to get more proficient, getting better as I go.

Taking time to be more proficient is why 9 years is a huge achievement for J&L. It has been 9 years of becoming more proficient in every little thing I do in regards to this hobby turned business. Nine years of learning the chemistry of oil in water emulsions, how to scale up production, how to sell online, and now how to make video content. The list of things that I have been learning to do and do better is rather lengthy when it comes to J&L. Some of those things came easier as they touched on past experiences and acquired knowledge; other things were completely foreign to me from the start. Learning to create my own lotion, from scratch, took a lot of patience and outside of basic chemistry use was nothing that I have ever done before.

As much as a mouse I can be, I have always felt the need to challenge myself to do more. Where there is a need and nobody else is willing to help, I will step up to take it on. There have been times that has burned me, but most of the time it was a great experience that helped me grow as a person.

I know that as I continue to make such content I will get better at all the steps involved. Even if I end up handing steps over to others, having the experience of doing it myself will make it easier for me to work with others and appreciate what they can bring to the process.

Right now, I need to build the foundational elements of where we are heading with this medium. To curate themes to help make it easier for putting like content together for a clearer narrative. This will allow someone to start a playlist based upon a theme to get the whole story and not be confused by unrelated content that gets posted. There are likely to be one-off monologues, where I get more personal with the stories.

Thank you to those who have viewed our videos, and a big hug to those who have liked them. All of this is very important to us as we build our little business up.

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