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Spring is Near!

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As anyone in our field must do, we are ready for the arrival of warmer and increasing longer days. Although the days are likely to be rainy, or even stormy and for those of us in the north snow is also still likely to fall. Flowers are getting ready to bust out of the ground and the desire to be outside more is growing.

We have the first wave of our SPRING – SUMMER Collection launching March 1st. We have two very popular fragrances from last year returning as well as an all new scent to introduce. Returning is the subtle lightly earthy yet sweet CITRUS GREEN TEA; and the alluring NIGHT SWIMMING.

THE TIDE IS NIGH is the first of 2 “fresh water” based scents we are introducing with the SPRING – SUMMER Collection for 2023. Later on, we will have REACH THE BEACH coming to shore. Although these two scents fall into the similar category of base notes, the are distinctly different with one carrying a darker edge than the other; they are like air and water. The Tide is Nigh is pinch more ominous, while Reach the Beach is brighter. The tide is a certain, ever present event. It be a welcoming event, or present hazards. It is a friend that you need to keep a watchful eye upon.

With March, we also have our new Scent of the Month with Ginger Saffron. What can we say about this scent… it is spice without being spicy. It is floral without being too sweet. It is warming and comforting. It is exotic but quite simple in its approach. It is not understated, but it isn’t loud either. GINGER SAFFRON has a very loyal fan base that love all that it can evoke. Playing on culinary cues without being “food”. Seemingly like incense but without the smokey notes. This is a scent that is very less than common.

All the scents we have presented here are available in all JÖL for Home products. Select scents may be available in other items by J&L and JÖL. For the bearded gents, we highly recommend NIGHT SWIMMING to be found in Beard Care! It is a personal favorite of mine and was quite popular last time around.

Keep an eye out for SPRING – SUMMER Part 2 coming in April!

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