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So, Here It Is

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Why is it a (Re)Introduction?

For many, this may be the first video they see from us where we cover the basics of who we are. It is also a true introduction to the channel and where we are looking to take it.


Too Long, Didn’t Watch: Here’s the scoop. We are celebrating 9 years of J&L by putting a stronger focus on our visual content. We see 2023 as the start of our next chapter where we are working towards creating a brick & mortar retail location where we can also make all that we sell. Another component is being a mini-hub for the community we are nestled within. The channel will be a place to tell stories of where we are, where we have been and where we wish to go. Not just talk about products, but also people and our personal journey.

What to expect in this and future videos:

Essentially my mug in front of a camera talking and without a script. I will have notes on the topic, but nothing concrete for words to say. The videos will be raw, few edits and not all that polished. I will focus on good lighting and decent sound for now. Sometimes there may be props or a guest. So far, all will be shot in my home where it is possible for surprise background noises that may be get edited out. This is a learning exercise for me, as I learn more about making videos I am sure they will get better. Most videos will be under the V.COMMUNIQUE Series – following the trend of our Newsletter title.

Why Now:

Although we have had a couple videos posted that served a very basic purpose of telling as much as we can about who we are and what we are about, they are also very outdated and were trying to cover it all in 18 minutes. For many out there, we are very new and they may want to hear our stories and here them told better. in the last nine years we went from just making beard oil for friends to making all sorts of products for everybody. Each nuance of how we got here is a fun little story to tell. We have faced challenges that others are likely to face when taking on the same journey; so we share our experiences to help give them some perspectives.

What we ask of you:

Please, watch the video. Don’t want to hear or see me ramble on? Turn the volume down and set your phone aside for 09:39 minutes. Like it, even if you thought it was meh. Subscribe, even if you don’t really want to watch another video from us. So, when we do have another video you know you can repeat the steps above. We ask this, so others can more easily find us who will want to watch and follow our journey. Please comment, just be kind. I take constructive criticism, but rudeness is never cool.

What is next for us:

Every couple weeks I will work on having a new video to watch. The plan is to keep them to 15 minutes or less. Some may run longer, others may be a lot shorter. The topics will vary and inspiration will come from multiple sources – the most important being you! Please, tell us what stories you want to hear.

There are 3 specific topics I am working on to help really kick these off. !. Tell the story of how we go into all of this – covering the creation of a business out of a planned hobby. 2. More about me and my personal growth. 3. JÖL’s Story and how we got to where we are today. Other topics floating around are Company Values; Why Brick & Mortar, The JÖL Aesthetic, and Mission: Sustainability.


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