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Winter and Holiday Scents Heading to the Vault February 28, 2023

On March 1st we will release our Spring Collection scents for JÖL for Home items. To help make room for all the Spring scents, we need to stash away all the outgoing seasonal scents. Autumn scents have already been stored away, Winter and Holiday scents will be joining them. Don’t worry, they will all make a return!

Candles, Melts, and Room Sprays don’t have an expiration date nor will they expire. Stored safely and sealed away from heat and light they will be just fine until we bring them back again later this year. Doing this allows us to cut waste and prevent losses.

Here is what we are presenting for Spring 2023

NIGHT SWIMMING will certainly return! So many of you told us how much you love this scent and could not wait to get your hands on it again. CITRUS GREEN TEA will also make a return. We also have a NEW seasonal scent to introduce; THE TIDE IS NIGH. With notes of water, salt, air and very light floral hints; destined to be a hit.

Also this Spring we will introduce our first NEW scent to our YEAR-ROUND COLLECTION: RAIN IN THE SUMMERTIME. Capturing the outdoor smell of the air after a much needed rain shower on a hot day. Although there are some earthy notes, it is very refreshing. It joins our family of scents that can transport you to places and times that are etched into the soul.

With the arrival of these scents, you will find them available in our 1 Pint Paint Can Candles, 6 piece Wax Melts and 240ml Room + Fabric Sprays. CITRUS GREEN TEA + NIGHT SWIMMING will also return as BIG BAR! All-In-One Utility Soap Bars a short time later.

And no fool, April 1 will see the introduction of our Summer scents. RED SANGRIA will return, along with a short run of SUBURBAN SATURDAY. REACH THE BEACH will be a new Summer scent that offers light notes of orange blossoms, linen and powder.

CUBAN HIGHBALL, the original name for a Mojito, and BOTTOMLESS MIMOSAS make up the “Brunch with the Pride” LIMITED ENGAGEMENT COLLECTION of Scents to celebrate Pride Month. FUN GAY UNCLE will also make a super limited return as we have a small amount of the scent oil on hand. LIMITED ENGAGEMENT scents will only be available as candles. Look for these to arrive May, 1st!

We hope you are all excited about all these new JÖL for HOME scents to be added to our Seasonal Collections. It is a joy to seek our new scents that compliment our unique line of home fragrances. Still doing our best to be “Less than Common”.

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