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New Year – New Stuff

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Coming off of the best year ever for J&L, we some great stuff in the works.

Video Content in beginning to be created. After a few attempts to kick this off I have finally been able to get some material recorded. Before you get to see the videos, I wish to set the bar on what to expect. Mostly, don’t expect too much in the way of production quality. Although I will do my best to ensure it is viewable and with decent sound ; there will not be much done otherwise. I am not a film editor, nor do I have best tools to do it. I asked friends to help but they were not up for it.

Our videos will be simple video blogs that can cover a wide range of topics. Likely one topic per video unless we have a bunch of tidbits to compile. You will get me, sitting in front of the camera talking. The aim is to keep timing to under 20 minutes but it is possible they can go longer or be less than 10 minutes. I am sure that as I go they will start to get shorter as there is more foundational topics to discuss first.

The medium we plan to release these videos is YouTube. We have had a channel for years with only 1 public video available. These are not intended to be revenue makers, so there won’t be gimmicky thumbnails to scream out for attention. The opening will be as simple as me turning on the camera, then end with me saying farewell and turning it off. This may change as we grow.

Once a video is complete it will be shared as a post here as well as on Facebook. Look for one by the end of this month.

What’s going on with Twitter?

We never relied upon Twitter as being a place to promote our brand. Our account was created to simply reinforce our existence and secure our handle. We do not plan to delete the account, nor do we intend to post more regularly. For us, it is there and is as important to us as that out of style sport coat that every guy has in his closet.

New Scents and Our Plans for Scented Home Products

Soon will be the time to pack away all the off season candles, room sprays, and melts as we prepare for our Spring and then Summer Seasons. This year we will further expand our scent options with 2 new year-round additions to our offerings: RAIN IN THE SUMMERTIME which captures the aroma of a warm day after the rain has ended. We introduced ARID FOREST as a Limited Engagement scent last August. It was so popular that we have officially promoted it to Full Time. This brings our year-round options to TEN fragrances.

Last Year we introduced 2 new Spring/Summer scents: NIGHT SWIMMING and SUBURBAN SATURDAY. They joined our previous 2 scents for these seasons: CITRUS GREEN TEA and RED SANGRIA. All 4 will return for 2023, although CITRUS GREEN TEA and SUBURBAN SATURDAY will be in limited production.

Joining our SPRING Scents will be THE TIDE IS NIGH and REACH THE BEACH. Both are light, airy and refreshing but are still distinctly different. Many of you asked for scents in this spectrum so we pulled two popular scents from our ANCIENT ELEMENTS Collection by reintroducing WATER & AIR under new names. SPRING scents will start production in February for a March launch.

There will also be 3 LIMITED ENGAGEMENT scents. In late May we will offer the “Brunch with the Boys” PRIDE 2023 series with two cocktail inspired scents that will be available separately: BOTTOMLESS MIMOSAS and CUBAN HIGHBALL (the original name for the Mint Mojito). There will be a third scent that we will announce a little later on.

In a very extremely limited run we will bring back FUN GAY UNCLE, our fruity breakfast cereal scent that as our PRIDE 2022 scent. We had a little of the scent oil remaining so we figured we would make what we can.

AND, Due to your input we will offer ALL “Year-Round” and “Seasonal” scents in Room Sprays and Wax Melts. Our Limited Engagement scents will also receive these companion items in ULTRA LIMITED quantities: we will make only one small batch and that is it! ALL “Year-Round” scents will be available as BIGBAR SOAPS, select seasonal scents will also be made. At this time we will not be able to introduce new sizes for our candles. We have very limited space for storage and we simply are out of room. Once we achieve our big goal for 2023 we will certainly start to explore boosting the size and style options of all our scented home products.

Speaking of BIGBAR SOAPS: We are having a problem with the quality of the base ingredient coming from the manufacturer. We are working with our US supplier to ensure that our next order is up to the maker’s standards. This is why you have been seeing limited availability on our soaps. We know how you love these soaps. We love them just as much, and want more for own home. Don’t worry, they will not be going away. If we must, we will look for another supplier who may not have inventory from the same batches that are affected by the issue.

This is all for now. We will await the launch of our video content to take on the bigger stories, look for regular updates on our Facebook feed. Thank you!

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