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Home Office Communique: 10/11/2022

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A lot of real quick bites here:

Inventory levels update: We are back to normal with Candles, Room Sprays and Melts. Still working on soaps, lotions and beard conditioner. We expect these to be fully restocked by end of week. Shampoo Bars and Conditioner Bars may take another week as we await supplies.

October Scent of the Month: Campfire Tales is the scent for October. Found in all scented home products. All these items are discounted for the month. We hope to have our November scent announced on time as it will only run until Thanksgiving.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, we have a big plan we are working out the details. We will announce our plans just in time for holiday shopping. Look for great deals on many items and more. Also, we plan to have all offers for this sale run the full week of Thanksgiving and through the weekend to cover Cyber Monday.

Primp + JÖL Club update: We have ended our paid member level. Once the last membership expires at the end of this year we will completely remove the paid level form our history – but not theirs. That leaves Primp + JÖL Club Starter being our sole membership level. Since it will be the only level for the foreseeable future, we plan to drop the “Starter” part of the name and leave it as simply Primp + JÖL Club. We are looking into modifications to plan benefits that are reasonable and worth your while to be a member. If you are not a member already, all you need to do is create a user account and you are instantly enrolled. To make sure you get the discount on your first order after creating your account, we strongly suggest you wait until after you create the account before adding items to your cart. In fact, once you create your account we suggest you leave the site and do a hard refresh of your web browser. This will update your cookies for the site to identify you as a member. Member prices rarely end in “.00” – whole dollars. If you still see them, you are not getting your discount prices. Important note: If you submit an order without your discount applied at checkout we cannot adjust the order afterwards. Guests cannot receive Primp + JÖL rates! : have you checked it out. Not a lot there, but it will be our main blogging point for JÖL. With news, details, behind the scenes and more personal notes from us. This “blog” will be more business, sales and event news.

Events: We are locked in for the Andersonville Holiday Market. This will be December 2nd through 4th, will post more details as we get closer. This event will be more stripped down that other festivals, so we will focus most on great holiday and gifting items. There is also some consideration to taking part in a small event in Andersonville where we would focus on our drive to improving our Sustainability. If we take part, we will only have those items that are supporting our goals.

Mailing Lists: We wish to consolidate our mailing list. We want everyone that subscribes to our content to see all the content we provide. Our Blogging has become our primary place to share information outside of Facebook. Where social media tends to be more immediate information; more in depth or robust news can be found in our blog. We had used MailChimp as our means to send out promotional news and highlight sales but with it is hard for us to manage multiple channels of information and keep it consistent. We will work to create a weekly digest that will be sent to all MailChimp mailing list subscribers that will contain updates to our blog. It will compile recent posts into one email that subscribers will see once per week – if there are posts for that week. I will also try to have more little things to share and post sales and promotions here independently ahead of their launch. Overall, I want to be more engaging with all that follow J&L to keep us relevant and keep everyone up to date on savings and new products to list excitement – and sales, of course. We certainly wish to avoid over communication and the appearance of spamming.

Liquid Soaps update: We will cease making all liquid soaps once we exhaust all supplies that are exclusive to making liquid soaps. We anticipate that by this time next year we will no longer be in the liquid soap business. For those that really enjoy our beard shampoo, we highly recommend our BIGBAR soaps. They are an all in one bar soap that cleans well, doesn’t leave you feeling itchy, are pH balanced to be great for skin AND hair; and are available in a wide variety of scents. I have been using these bars for months and have loved the results, especially with my beard. These bars are easy to travel with, last a very long time and are a part of our sustainability goals. Just like everything we make, they are made from all plant based ingredients; including ethically sourced palm oil.

New look for J&L labeling is rolling out. It is our habit to update our J&L packaging every couple years. Our new look is strikingly modern and different. All the same information is there but in a new, easier to read, format. Although the labels are taking a very modern turn our logo is not changing. The style change will make it easier for us to have our labels mass produced by a 3rd party. This will improve the print quality and greatly improve their look overall. The need is for us to have something that can be printed but can also be modular to support our Custom Scent options. With custom scents being produced in small quantities, it is not cost effective for us to have labels made for all options we offer in beard oils. Having a base design that we can apply a scent label to for customized items can save us money and time. While all our core scents will have a fully printed label that is distinctly for each core scent. Label changes take months to get through, but we already have some ready to roll. Currently our labels are being printed in house until we get through enough inventory to make it smart to make the change.

We have decided to keep ARID FOREST on as an every day scent for JÖL for Home. It was so wildly popular we had to do it. This is why we do the LIMITED ENGAGEMENT for some scents. It is a way for us to try something new without full commitment. If they don’t sell great, we are not overly invested. With your feedback we can decide to keep Limited with cyclical returns to our assortment or make it permanent. There are some seasonal scents that were also quite popular, but they will remain seasonal so we can always have something to look forward to. Currently we have 16 scents available, 8 of them are seasonal. We plan to do the bring on board 8 Spring and Summer scents, that will also include 2 Pride Month editions. There will be new LIMITED ENGAGEMENT scents coming as well. Including a fun Holiday scent that we will tell you more about later; it will be EXTREMELY limited!

Thank all so much for your time, we hope you have a great October!

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