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Apple Fest, Post Event Inventory Constraints

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This past weekend we took part in our first Apple Fest. Despite being, what we thought, was being well prepared, we have some categories that were hit hard by better than anticipated sales.

Candles are in very good shape, except for FRONTIERSMAN is out of stock. We can easily produce a batch this week to have ready for next week. All other candles are in good quantity to handle any online sales. MELTS and ROOM + FABRIC SPRAYS have numerous SKUs with limited to zero stock. We can have SPRAYS back in stock within 1 week. MELTS will take longer as we need to order necessary components. We do have enough supply on hand to produce small quantities of all zero stock scents,

BIGBAR! Soaps and SHAMPOO Bars were also a huge success, with may SKUs out of stock. We will focus on the most popular scents first with current supply inventory and should be able to have all options back in stock by end of the month.

BEARD SHAMPOO has very limited scent options available and BEARD CONDITIONER is out of stock. A batch of CONDITIONER can be ready by weekend, BEARD SHAMPOO scents may take a little longer to get back to decent stock levels. As a reminder, once we deplete all liquid soap supplies we will discontinue all liquid soaps. Now is a good time to try our BIGBAR! All-in-One Utility bars for your beard, and body cleaning needs. These bars are amazing and you will love the way they clean and rinse away without leaving any residue. As we migrate away from liquid soaps, we will introduce all popular Beard Oil fragrances in our BIGBAR! Soaps.

Other items are low in stock when considering that we are heading into Holiday shopping. These items will see in stocks increased dramatically to support online sales as well as one last Event sale.

We hope to do better about event sale forecasting. Current market trends and candles being relatively new for us has been tricky for us to get right. It seems that every time we think we got it, we sell even more. Noticing that one scent will sell well in one item and not in others, and flipping each time we have an event is keeping us on our toes. Having limited storage space makes it hard to make large quantities of all items and produce to refill selling items as they get low. Until we are able to have a Brick & Mortar space for sales we may continue to have broad out of stock situations after events, or after a short spike in sales of a specific item. With our Beard Oils, we have been able to switch to a scent to order method to ensure we can offer more options and quickly fulfill order on any scent. This system cannot be employed for other products as most require a curing period before we can sell them.

After this day of rest after a very busy weekend, we will be hard at work getting everything back to form. Thank you very much for your understanding.

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