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Quick News: Potential for Website issues due to backend update.

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Our website is a modular system made of parts from various developers. Recently our core component had an update that is incompatible with parts of our layout module. We have been working on a new layout the past couple weeks, but this issue just happened. We may be forced to update our layout before we are 100% done with its design.

In the interim, there are issues with the checkout and cart that may not render smoothly. Other design elements may not render or break entirely.

Our new layout in development is still a little “chunky” at the moment and we need to refine those less than appealing elements before we can launch this new layout.

At the time we launch the new layout, our site will be unavailable. We do not have the date we plan to have this migration take place secured, but we will aim for a very low traffic time of the day. We don’t foresee any functionality issues, but the site may not be as “pretty” as we would like upon launch. It will take some weeks to test elements and inspect every corner of our pages to find oddities, errors and things to refine.

During this time, we are are going to be busy getting ready for our next festival appearance, which is limiting the time we can devote to improving our site layout. Our focus is to get it migrated with all key elements functioning and then over the following weeks we can apply refinements.

At no time will user data be affected as this is purely cosmetic.

Keep track of us on Facebook for in the moment updates of when this migration will take place and any issues that may occur.

Thank you, JC

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