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J&L News: “Seasonal Scents” becoming “Custom Scents”

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We have decided to not specifically call out Seasonal Scents for J&L Pogonotrophics. We will offer a revolving and evolving selection of custom scented beard care items, of which will be some of the seasonal scents found in our other products. As the scents will not be defined to a time period of being available, and scent options will come and go depending on various factors, you will want to check in often to see what’s new. When something really special is coming, or going, we will make announcements to social media.

These custom scented items will be just that, custom. The item will be made and scented once we receive the order so we don’t risk produced inventory that may not sell as well as we thought it might. As in the past, custom items can take an extra day to create. This depends on when we receive the order and what we have ready to go.

Why are we doing it this way you may ask. It allows us to offer more options at a given time than we have in the past and not be tied to a specific period of time. This will also allow us to offer more premium scent options or limited time offers like our Candle LIMITED ENGAGEMENT series. These custom items will carry a premium in association with the service. Beard Oils will carry an additional $1.00 upcharge, Original Beard Butter will be $2.00 more that their standard counterparts.

Building this program will take some time and we hope to have it ready by mid September. First, we need to select which fragrances we wish to start with and build the back-end support for all the new scents that may get added.

Other news:

We have decided to make our QUOTIDIAN formula an ON LINE ONLY option. Quotidian is our most premium beard oil formula and due to current market trends it has become substantially more expensive to make. To reduce risk from over producing scents that ebb and flow in regards to demand, we need to not keep a full assortment ready to ship at all times. The intent is to convert all QUOTIDIAN options to “Made to Order” to ensure the continued quality of the product.

Because QUOTIDIAN is our most premium beard oil, it is also our slowest selling formula. Designed for, literally, every day use – hence its name. This is the ideal formula for maintaining a great well conditioned beard without having an “oily” beard. Because of its properties, it is perfect for those with light or thin beards for regular care. We wish to continue to offer this superb Beard Oil and have it available for its base of users. If we see the market trends change to either keep costs down or an increase in sales we will return this to “Ready to Ship”. Like the Custom Scent options above, all QUOTIDIAN scents will carry the $1.00 upcharge.

Wish to be a Product Tester?

We are working on developing an all new Beard Butter 2.0! This will be a more premium leave in conditioning butter that is vegan friendly and is “creamier” in form. The goal is to have a whipped cream form that is easier to massage in, perform as well as if not better than the Original Beard Butter and will leave your beard less greasy.

As the inventor of Beard Butter, we created something that melds all the benefits of an oil with attributes of a beard balm. While often imitated, few have really caught onto the concept and bastardized what the intent was which only has left many gents confused. We are raising the bar here and setting an even higher standard of what a “beard butter” is as we also create something easier to use.

We wish to have 10 gents or more who are willing to test our prototypes and report back to us with their experiences. We will ask that any volunteers to sign non-disclosure agreements as well as agree to the terms of the program by using the product as instructed and completing all surveys in a timely manner.

Accepted volunteers that complete the program will receive a gift box of our products in scents of their choice as well as account credit to use on a future purchase. We are still ironing out the details at the moment but we hope to launch the test program before the holidays. There is no cost to take part, we just ask that you give honest feedback that will benefit perfecting the product. Please comment below if you are interested and when we are ready to launch this program we will reach out to you.

Beard Butter 2.0 is the product development name. An all new intellectual property will be created to protect our rights better than we did with the Original Beard Butter.

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