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Head Office Communique: July 19, 2022

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We have been B U S Y!

As we start to settle into the summer, we are hard at work planning our Fall and Winter. These are not lazy days for us. Due to the increased demand and volume of sales, we have started to invest in ways to make more things, faster. J&L has always been “small batch”, well now our batches are needing to be a little bigger – but they are still small. The level of supplies we are needing to keep on hand has quadrupled – mainly due to JÖL for Home sales.

Here is what is coming up on the calendar:

First up will be our summer vacation. Taking it a little later this year, we are planning on being away for a week in August. During this time we will not be able to pick and ship orders or have timely answers to questions. Our usual getaway lacks reliable internet. All operations will be closed from Wednesday August 10th through Tuesday, August 16th. We will return to normal operations on Wednesday August 17th. Any orders awaiting shipment will be shipped in the order they were received and should then only take a day to process all of them. August is usually one of our slowest periods and why we are opting to take this vacation then. Our website will have these dates posted.

After our return, we have a couple early Fall Popups to prepare for. Nothing is confirmed yet, as the hosts are finalizing details at the moment. These events are why we are needing to keep ourselves busy and have increased our supply ordering. We wish to avoid Out of Stock situations as best as we can. Expected on hands for our most popular items will be double for both of these events as well as an assurance we have reserve inventory for our web sales. This means we are going to be about 4 times our usual every day stock levels for most candles, room sprays, melts and soaps.

Room + Fabric Spray is still in very limited supply. We are working with a new source for the trigger spray pumps and will have them once they are through with production. We are ensuring we will be well supplied for months to come once we have these in stock.

We have invested in new equipment to increase candle production. Soon we will be able to quadruple our daily production abilities to meet the increase in demand. Our next steps will be to double our storage capabilities to match.


August 1st will be the last day we will make any SPRING and SUMMER scented items. This includes any Scent to Order Beard Care items. All produced inventory will remain available on our website through the last day of August.

On September 1st, 2022 All AUTUMN scents will be available. WINTER scents will follow 3 weeks later. Any remaining “Off Season” items will be held to be sold exclusively as Pop Ups. We do not discount shelf stable off season products.


We plan to have all AUTUMN, WINTER and HOLIDAY scents available as Candles, Melts and Room Sprays. Many will be available as Bar Soaps.

What are the scents?

JÖL for Home: HARVEST FESTIVAL, CAMPFIRE TALES for Autumn; CURRANT OCCURRENCE, CYPRESS BAYBERRY, ZEPHYRUS WINTERTALE for Winter. Holiday will retain the same 2 scents from 2021 – HOLIDAY HEARTH & WASSAIL. SMOKE + MIRRORS has been moved back to being a AUTUMN scent and will retire with the Autumn season this year.

We already touched on the scent notes for our Autumn scents in a previous post. CURRANT OCCURRENCE top scent note is in its name: black currant. Base notes of fennel, amber along with notes of basil, blackberry and eucalyptus. This is one very sophisticated scent! ZEPHYRUS WINTERTAIL gets its name from our beloved Samoyed who passed this last spring. This scent is very much a winter scent with crisp notes of cypress and mint; notes of camphor and ozone hit at the top and light base notes of incense and cedar. Zephyrus was a lively and loving big ball of white fluff who’s character lives on in this fragrance.

CEDAR LEATHER is on track to return very soon! This is one of our Everyday scents we had to cease making due to availability of a key scent component. We have worked to recreate this scent as best we can with an all new blend. FRONTIERSMAN is coming as an Everyday Candle! Previously available as BALSAM + CEDAR in 2020, we have decided to bring it back using the same name as our Beard Care version of this pine scent.

WHISKEY TANGO … is also returning for a very limited engagement. We have toned down the “sour mash” bourbon scent to let it shine without overpowering. It was a love it or leave it scent before – but we think more will love it now. Once our current supply of the scent blend is gone, it will go into the retirement for awhile.

So what about Beard Care seasonal scents?

SMOKE + MIRRORS and TONKA + OUD will return! CLASSIC SPICE will also make an return after a long absence. For those that may not have tried it, Classic Spice is a blend of wood resin scents: Frankincense, Myrrh, and Amber. We are currently testing CURRANT OCCURRENCE & ZEPHYRUS WINTERTALE to see how well they do as beard oil scents. CYPRESS BAYBERRY will also be added to the list; offering an alternate to our FRONTIERSMAN for a woodsy scent.

Per our previous announcement, Beard Shampoo will not be available in any seasonal scents. We are moving towards only offering an unscented Beard Shampoo.

Select other items may see these scents added. We are currently testing the new scents to see how they may appeal when used as a body product fragrance.

Are you excited as we are?

There is so much new stuff coming, some great things are returning; we hope you are as excited as we are. Let us know what scents you want to try first! Oh, and we will have updated Scent Samplers a week before the launch of our Autumn Scents. These samplers will include all current everyday scents and the new seasonal scents. Depending on availability, there may be some Spring-Summer chips remaining. Each Sampler Set is $2 and gives a $2 credit towards a candle purchase. Samplers are not sold in person, only available on our website.

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