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Expanding of the JÖL Brand: SHOP-JÖL.COM

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Since the introduction as our branding for candles a little over 2 years ago, JÖL has become an ever growing component of J&L. Once established, JÖL became the logical branding to be applied to all our gender neutral skin & body products. Today, JÖL has surpassed J&L in unit and dollar sales, becoming the friendly monster we cannot ignore.

The brand represents so much yet does it by saying so little. Unlike J&L, JÖL has no defining meaning that limits what it can be applied to. It is a banner that can fly over anything we do. We decided to become movie producers, it will work for that! Open up a full service restaurant, works there too. Three little letters that simply mean a good time.

You may ask what is happening to J&L Pogonotrophics. Nothing… J&L Pogonotrophics will not be going away. In fact, you will see new things coming and some minor changes to other things. In fact, this website – – will remain the primary home for all that is J&L Pogonotrophics LLC and all that is and will be JÖL.

At the core of all this is that we cannot ignore what this all means. JÖL has connected well with people and invites everyone to a party. As we said, it has no limits to what it can cover. So what is happening is that we needed to create a quick and easy means for people to find JÖL, as that is likely the name they will know for us. Doing a little search for us may not quickly return a website that is genuinely JÖL. We have registered a domain for JÖL – Due to domain name limitations, we needed to add a little something to the name, “shop” was the leading suggestion. Despite the domain name, it will not be another store front. All sales will be done through the

The site is still being built and only contains the basic framework of what it will be. Our focus with this site will be to talk about all those things that are unique about JÖL and tell a story of its own. The site will focus on the brand, its values, origins and products. When you click on any link related to shopping or making a purchase, you will be linked right back to We wish to maintain a single place to shop all that J&L Pogonotrophics LLC makes and sells. In fact, will make it clear that it is made and owned by J&L Pogonotrophics LLC.

Future Plans

We are letting our customers determine what the next steps are in relation to products and services. If we continue to see JÖL outpace J&L, then we may need to look at how we promote these brands to maximize their impact. It is not sensible or fiscally responsible to separate them into two different entities with their own stores and marketing. Currently we do our marketing based upon the product or groupings of products regardless of the brand name we applied to them.

As was noted in our last newsletter, we are willing to accept outside investment or partnership to further our current business and all that it includes. Anyone wishing to be a part needs to join knowing who we are and making that better, not to turn us into something else to suit their idea of who we are. It is obvious we are connecting with people under both our brands. As evident with the most recent Pop Up event, our customers feel comfortable floating between all that we are. The typical Candle customer that may not feel they need one of our other products at the time, has shown appreciation for the fact that we do offer more to enhance their life or the lives of people they know. They may not have a beard, but they may have a friend or family member that does. When it comes to gift giving time, we are now on their radar and will be a reliable source for them.

The biggest way you and all the others out there that have shopped with us can impact our plans is to share your experiences. People like to do business with businesses that people they know had a positive experience with. We don’t do a lot of marketing at this time as we wish to continue to build a solid organically created customers and followers. The more organic growth we can create, the stronger our foundation becomes.

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