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Discontinued and End of Life Products

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We are fine tuning our assortment of products to reinforce our branding of Utility + Simplicity. Over the years we have created numerous new items to meet the interests of our customers as well as to mirror market trends. Some have worked out well for us, others have not. This year is a very transformative year as we wish to solidify our position as we prepare room for substantial growth. To let this happen, we need to continue to do what works best and stop doing what is not working all that well for us.

Such changes can be risky, we may upset fans of a particular product that they see as their favorite, or even only, item they purchase from us. We feel for those as we too have our favorite items that have been removed from the marketplace. Often, we have found a reliable replacement but sometimes that is not the case. All we can do is assure those people that we did not make any decision without strong consideration of the impact.

Consider this a fine tuning. Not every item is 100% gone for good. Some fall into the realm of not being the right time or due to our size we are unable to make it to the level of quality it and you deserve. Ingredient availability and pricing has a factor in some cases and if in the future we can source the right ingredients and produce the product to be sold at a reasonable price we will certainly consider bringing it back.

Some items on this list have previously communicated as being discontinued, others are already removed from the site

J&L Pogonotrophics

  • Mustache waxes: Scoundrel, Whiplash
  • Statesman Beard Balm
  • Scented Beard Shampoo – we will only offer an unscented version as we sell through remaining scent options.
  • Scents: Leather, Lakeside, Havana


  • Toner – both options
  • Witch Hazel
  • Hyaluronic Acid Serum
  • Moisturizing Face Mist
  • Extra Care Lotion
  • Face Wash w/ Salicylic Acid – 120 ml only – 240 ml will continue in new format.
  • All liquid Shampoos & Conditioners
  • All Salt Scrubs – new larger scrubs will be coming this fall.
  • All Clay Mask Powders
  • All Clay Mask System “Add-ins” – Activated Charcoal, Oatmeal, Sea Kelp Powder, Aromatherapy Oils and more


  • Shaving supplies: razors, lather brush

Services – Special Offers

  • Primp + JÖL Club Pro Membership
  • Product Subscriptions
  • Open Value Gift Cards/Account Credit
  • Buy 2 Get 1 Beard Oil Events

Your voice matters!

Please share with us your thoughts. Your feedback has always helped direct our path and influence many of our products and scents. Letting us know what you like and do not like are vital to us to keep ensuring we are engaged with the market. If there is something here you don’t want to see go away, we hope you will find a good alternative from our assortment to use. Hopefully it is one of the items we will reinstate once we get through this stage.

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