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Event Sales Exceed Expectation. Inventory Levels Are Limited on Many Items

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UPDATE: 6/13/2022

First I wish to mention why we do not allow backorders. With many of our items taking days to prepare we do not feel it is right that you pay for something that may be more than a couple days before we can ship it. Some items that are quick to produce we can have ready to send off within 24 hours, as is the case with all beard oils and Beard Butter. We may be able to expand this to ROOM SPRAYS and BODY SPRAYS in the very near future. This will allow us to offer more options while not having to maintain a large inventory.

Now that we are back at the office we can see where we stand on getting some if the hottest items in stock by end of week. We will first begin with a tiny amount of the the hottest candle scents: NORSEMAN, NIGHT SWIMMING, NORSEMAN, GINGER SAFFRON. Once we get those set to cure, immediately we will produce a tiny amount of ROOF + FABRIC SPRAYS in those same scents & CITRUS GREEN TEA. The Room Sprays should be available for ordering by Thursday.

BIG BAR! SOAPS will be next. All scents should be back to normal levels by 6/22. BODY MISTS will follow shortly after.

Orders are being placed for more wax, cans and scent components to ensure we can get to normal stock levels and maintain through Summer. These orders will also place us in position to start on our AUTUMN/WINTER Candles once we get our year round scents stabilized.

NATURAL DEODORANT STICKS are at critically low levels, we plan to get these into production as quickly as possible. Like candles, they will take a little time to cure before we can sell. These new batches will also have our improved labels.

After AUGUST 1, 2022 we will no longer produce any SPRING/SUMMER scents. ARID FOREST will linger a little longer as it was a late entry to our seasonal options; and makes a great early fall scent too!.

We are looking into how to address the popularity of the individual scents of the ANCIENT ELEMENTS COLLECTION. All 4 scents each had their fans, but everyone found 1 of the 4 more appealing than the rest – which was not consistent between everyone. As mentioned below, the intent was to be an EXTREMELY limited edition to never return. I may have to rethink that. This collection was a personal passion of mine and I wanted to keep it special. Since they were so well liked, individually, they MAY return as full size (1 pint) candles Spring 2023 as extremely limited editions to be purchased separately.

PRIDE 2022 candles were a bigger hit than I expected. The majority of you enjoyed the humor and fun, and appreciated the whimsy. To the 2 folks that didn’t, I am aware that not everyone shares the same sense of humor. With that, we will do it again. Maybe the same scents, maybe we will switch it up. Let us know what you think!

Any items that require a curing time will have a “Pre Order” ability turned on so you can order right away and we can ship them to you once they are ready. Keep checking!

I wish to get this message out right away. Our presence at Andersonville Midsommarfest has gone way beyond any expectation. With rapidly growing interest in our Candles, Rooms Sprays, Wax Melts and Bar Soaps; we have sold through many of our most popular fragrances/scents. Although increased sales is a very good thing, the impact to future sales cannot be overlooked.

Our plans are to get as many items as possible in stock with minimal units to accommodate any potential online sales over the course of the coming weeks. This will give us time to acquire the needed goods to bring every affected product to our standard stock levels. With all operations being a solo task, this will be a huge undertaking. Luckily, the summer months are usually tame and there is no other big event planned until Autumn. During this time, we will also increase our produced minimums as we head into Autumn, and holiday season.

For those looking for specific items that are currently, or soon to be, out of stock; we apologize for any disappointment this brings. We will be working hard to get them back in stock as quickly as possible. We are considering creating Pre-order capability to the hottest items to function as backorders to be fulfilled first. This can only be possible for those items we can quickly produce in the smallest quantity along side other production needs. If we see this being beneficial, we will announce details as soon as possible.

The items MOST affected are Candles. We do not keep a large quantity of wax or the cans on hand; and it can take up to 2 weeks to get more of each. The most affected fragrances are NIGHT SWIMMING, NORSEMAN, ARID FOREST, CITRUS GREEN TEA. BIGBAR soaps and ROOM + FABRIC SPRAY are also facing challenges in those same scents.

Beard care will remain readily available for nearly every item as these are easier to keep well stocked; with most scents finished to order.

The PRIDE 2022 LIMITED EDITION Candles and the ANCIENT ELEMENTS CANDLE COLLECTION will not see additional units produced as they were fully intended to be very limited in availability. We have sold all PRIDE 2022 Candle inventory at this point.

We are in an odd situation at this time. Even with doubling stock levels of the affected items, it only led to even more sales. That is great for us, but not great for those who were looking to make a purchase in the near future. Please understand that we are going to do everything possible to get back to normal as quickly as possible.

Thank you, John

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