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May Scents of the Month

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Our first official 2 Scent Month! There are scents that may not translate well across all categories or have proven to only be enjoyed most in one product line. That is the case this time.

On the J&L Side we have OCEANIA

Among our first scents we introduced. Crafted to be our clean, fresh scent for those that like something less intrusive and lighter. Oceania is named for the Pacific Island region between South East Asia and Australia where most of the scent oils we use were first derived. Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and Lemongrass keep this lively with notes of citrus and menthol tamed by the lightly musky tea tree oil.

This scent is found in all Beard Oil formulas, The Original Beard Butter, and Beard Shampoo

On the JÖL Side we have CITRUS GREEN TEA

We have tried OCEANIA in some of our soaps in the past but did not reach the same level of appreciation. CITRUS GREEN TEA was introduced first as a Body Spray to be a very gentle, light scent. The subtle notes of assorted citrus fruits combined with the touch of grassiness in Green Tea makes this an ideal scent to refresh the senses. Because of this, it was a perfect scent to introduce in our Candle and Room Spray lines.

You can find this scent in Candles, Melts, Room Spray, Soaps and in our redesigned Body Sprays.

All May long these scented items will be discounted. No better time to restock or to give them a try.

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