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Not Everything Is Costing More

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Our desire is to be a premium quality brand that is available to more people by being a value priced option when compared to other makers/brands like ours. This is a constant struggle to find the right price and remain attractive to shoppers and still make money. These days, we are seeing more and more things become outrageously more expensive with double digit percentage increase to prices we all have to pay. This is even hitting us from our suppliers.

Recently we posted about the necessary price increases to our candles, and before the end of 2021 we raised our beard oil prices back to pre-pandemic points. We felt it was what we needed to do to stay in business. While doing some recent purchasing we did a deeper cost analysis of these core and very popular product lines. Summer is nearly upon us which brings a very active business season for us. As big as the holidays are for most sellers. With festivals and pop-ups, the summer is our peak season. With that in mind, we decided to take a deeper dive of all the components that go into our products and lead to the price we charge. We needed to find where we can lower prices without hurting our bottom line.

Effective immediately, all beard oils and beard butter; as well as our candles have been reduced to 2021 prices. That means our beard oils are back to $14 a bottle, candles are $22 each. There will also be some other price adjustments on some higher traffic items where we can make up the difference through higher sales volume. These are not temporary price reductions, we do not plan to increase these prices unless that is a significant increase in our costs.

We have also decided to freeze our shipping rates at $7 flat. Free Shipping can still be achieved through orders of $69.00 or higher.

Subscription products are being taken down as we assess their value. Introduced due to high demand, the demand was never there after we introduced this value option. We wish to find a way to assure that those who wish to subscribe to an item are seeing a benefit by doing so without any significant costs added to our end. Our eCommerce platform is not all that robust to allow the needed variables in place to allow flat rate pricing for subscriptions that includes shipping without it creating other problems.

In the coming weeks we will also address changes to Primp + Jol Club memberships we have to implement. Another much requested service that did not meet minimum expectations. This service was also full of issues caused by the limitations of our system. One would think we would find a better system, but without hiring a full time SQL & PHP person to update our system to function in a manner that shoppers expect, there is no point in changing.

All of this demonstrates our commitment to value and our customers and we will continue to make our products better and affordable.

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