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2021 Seasonal Fragrance Availability Update

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As we approach December, we have ceased production of the Holiday & Winter fragrances. But there is a twist.

WASSAIL, HOLIDAY HEARTH, CYPRESS BAYBERRY will come to an end for year once the last item sells. Any remaining inventory will be held for next year, or for special promotions we may offer.

SMOKE + MIRRORS, an Autumn scent, will carry on a little longer and will meet the same end as the Holiday and Winter scents.


We have to retire CEDAR LEATHER prematurely. This is something we were forced into due to increases in cost and scarcity of the fragrance oil. A key component fragrance oil has been retired by the maker. Remaining inventory at remaining suppliers is drying up and jumping up in price. With this scent also being used and is immensely popular in our Beard Care line as OXFORD, we are holding remaining inventory for exclusive use in Beard Care. We had also just launched the OXFORD BIG BAR! Soap in OXFORD, it too will cease production.

WHISKEY TANGO ended up with a very limited audience and did not perform well. We have decided to not go forward with this scent. We may look for a new way to emulate LEXINGTON’s Bourbon Sandalwood blend to possible reintroduce as a candle. It may, or may not, carry either one of these scent names.

To replace these two outgoing scents, we have decided to keep BLACK CHERRY PIPE TOBACCO and NORSEMAN as permanent/every day scents. These have both been wildly popular. We feel they will be great additions to our standard catalog.

We already have a plan for new Autumn scents for 2022, despite still not having our Spring scents in place.


Yes! Well, it’s not just one scent but 4, maybe a 5th. These new scents will be brought together as a very special limited edition collection of 1/2 pint candles.The inspiration is from a favorite movie of ours with each candle having a special meaning as a collection. Consider this a teaser, the big announcement will come in December.


We plan to do a seasonal SPRING 3 1/2 pint set as well as an AUTUMN set. There may even be a SUMMER trio too. As we sort out fragrances, we will see what works for these Seasonal Trios.

If you have an idea for a collection you would like to see from us, tell us with a comment!

Happy Holidays!

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