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Important: Scented Spray Safety

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There has been news about an “Aromatherapy Spray” sold through a couple large US retailers. These sprays have been linked to the spread of a potentially deadly bacteria that is not common in North America. The sprays affected are manufactured in Asia, where this bacteria is common.

We offer two sprays that may be confused with the type involved in what is not a safety recall of the spray. Because of that, we wish to clarify why this is isolated to the specific spray being recalled and how there is zero concern that our products are at risk.

First, we make our products here in the US from scratch. The two sprays we make are the JOL for Home Room + Fabric Spray, and JOL for Skin + Hair Soothing Body Spray. Each is available in assorted fragrances. By design, these are not “Aromatherapy” Sprays. Although our sprays are scented and fragrance forward, there is no medicinal or mood effect intended. The spray that is being recalled contains “crystals”, and imply a unique benefit because of their inclusion.

The CDC is handling the investigation into the exact origin of the bacteria. It is possible that any one ingredient could have been contaminated or the contamination occurred during manufacturing. We wish to assure you that we take every precaution to maintain purity of the product and its safety. Although we do not use parabens, a most trusted preservative and antibacterial agent, we do use a naturally sourced preservative in any product that we make which contains oil and water together and is intended for personal use on the body. This ensures that even something as innocuous as a fragrance spray is protected from potential exposure to fungi and bacteria. Note, any other natural skin care product makers that make products that are paraben free may not use any other preservative.

There are no crystals used in our product, and most of the related products we make use “Clean Scents” for fragrance. Clean Scents is a branding of fragrance oils that do not contain any harmful ingredients and meet all of California’s Prop 65 standards. Where essential oils are included we assure they are absolutely pure and most are now certified organic. Oils generally are naturally antibacterial.

Our production area is well sanitized using bleach followed by use of NFS approved disinfectant before we start making any product. Every container and tool is washed thoroughly and sanitized with alcohol followed by hydrogen peroxide before we begin production. By making our products in small batches, we can control the environment better and have less room for any contamination. We also do not make more than one type of product at a time, to avoid crossing ingredients so you can trust our labels. After a batch of an item is made, we allow it to rest a specific period of time depending on the product to see if there are any potential problems. Once it gets the “all clear”, it is stored properly to retain the qualities of the item until it is sold.

If you ever receive an item from us that you are not comfortable using for any reason, please contact us immediately. There are some inherent imperfections and what can appear to be irregularities, but it is better to be safe than sorry and we can help identify any potential safety defects or issues.

We take safety seriously. As a small growing company we do not wish to ever misstep and cause harm to another person because we abused your trust. This event helps keep safety concerns front and center for us.

Thank you for your support,

John C Dodge,

Proprietor of J&L Pogonotrophics LLC

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