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Head Office Communique: 10/28/2021

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We have been hard at work the last couple weeks getting key items back in stock. Along with that, we have been ordering up supplies and materials to keep us going through the rest of the year. We are still running into issues with suppliers not having enough inventory on a few items which is frustrating but not dire yet.

At this point, we have every currently available scent candle in stock. Within a week we should have all candles well in stock, with max capacity of seasonal fragrances.

Bar Soaps are still on hold. We hope to have these well in stock before mid November. The issue we are having is the amount of time and space soap production requires and we don’t have a lot of space right now due to other production needs and the quantity of production materials we have stocked.

Preview of Thanksgiving Weekend Sales

Many of you know that we do not follow the typical trends around sales any time of the year. So it should be no big surprise that we will have very few items actually on sale for Thanksgiving weekend. Our absolute most popular items for gifting will see modest discounts for every shopper.

Where you can expect to find the biggest savings is through your active user account and Primp +JÖL Club Starter membership that comes with it. There is a tiered percent-off cart discount being offered to P+J Club Members ONLY. These discounts will apply on top of membership discounts and can add up for significant savings. Sale items will not count towards the required total, as these items are already discounted twice for members – member discount applies to sale items!

Here is how it will work. Based upon the subtotal of your order for all regular price items: Get 10% Off if that total is between $30 to $49.99; Get 15% Off if between $50 and $99.99; and 20% Off if that total is $100 or higher. These will be a system “coupon” discount automatically applied to your cart at checkout for whichever discount applies based upon your subtotal. The actual coupons will be visible in your My Account page once they are active.

These discounts and the sale prices will be good 11/24/2021 through 11/29/2021. The usual disclaimer applies: limited to on hand inventory, no rainchecks.

Normally we offer a lower Value Free Shipping rate through the Holidays. Our plans for this year were to continue this tradition but at a slightly higher threshold. We have been forced to forgo this plan as we are dealing with exponentially higher costs associated with shipping, especially outside our local zone. The only other options we had were to raise the prices of all our items, add a “handling fee” to heavier items or to orders that are shipping to the higher rate zones. The average size package we ship costs us a minimum of $8.00, this can go as high as $10.00 for the most distant zones (16 ounces or less shipped via USPS, plus packaging materials.) Most customers we have spoken with about shipping rates feel that our $8.00 flat rate shipping is still a deal, as many other like businesses charge more and it will fluctuate with what you order. We will continue to analyze the impact of these higher expenses and may reverse our decision if possible.

Gift Wrapping

We anticipate having Gift Wrapping turned on by November 15th. The added line item to each product page has caused a very cluttered look. We are trying to minize the impact of having this feature being active. If we are unable to keep our item listings clear of clutter, we will offer Gift Wrapping as a single item added onto the entire cart. We wish to avoid that as it would require added order notes entered by the shopper if they wish to only have select items wrapped.

Seasonal Scents

Autumn and Holiday scents will cease production once we exhaust all available materials for producing them. This is expected to be by December 1st. Winter Scents will continue into January or later. The Spring & Summer scents are not even in planning yet. But, we do have a very special 4pc themed candle set planned for the New Year that we are very excited about.

Contacting us via email

The number of malware and scam emails we have been receiving this year has been out of control. We are taking extraordinary measures to protect us and you as well. Please ensure that when you contact us via email that your write to the support @ address (leave out the spaces around the @ symbol – we did this to prevent scanning bots from easily finding and utilizing this email address). Our non customer facing email accounts are blocking any emails coming from Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and other free web email addresses. Since no validation is required to create these accounts, they are preferred for scammers to use. Since our non customer facing email accounts are for Business to Business, we expect any business that contacts us to have a email properly associated with their business’ domain.

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