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Security Update and New Features

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Security is very important to us; for your protection as well as our own. Recently we have seen a massive increase in fake user accounts being created, most are coming from Russia and Poland. These fake accounts are created in an attempt to gain access to our systems – servers, software, and our database. Although we have security protocols in place to prevent these accounts from getting what they want; their ongoing presence and the mere ability of being created opens up a chance that later they can present a risk for all of us. Also, having all these face accounts can cause a traffic jam and puts more stress on our systems.

Today we installed a traffic monitoring service that will scan every account creation attempt. It will look for known fake email addresses along with known corrupted email domains to stop them from creating the account and closing their ability to try anything. Since these accounts are usually created by bots, it can also log their trail and trace them back to the source to block them at their origin.

We have painstakingly combed all user accounts and have deleted every fake account we could find. In this process, there is a slight chance a legitimate account was deleted. Since these accounts did not have any purchase, reviews, or post comments associated; the negative impact to a real user should not be detrimental.

New Site Features Coming VERY Soon!

We are implementing a review reward system to encourage more reviews of our products. This is something we have passively encouraged but need to make a stronger effort as reviews impact our rankings with Google and other search engines. Reviews are also very important to increase sales and gain new customers, as they provide real world information from actual users to help with their purchase decision. Our POLICIES have been updated to set some guidelines to ensure we get on-point and relevant reviews. Good chance we have all had some laughs on some of the comical Amazon reviews, as well as those reviews where the reviewer went off on a tangent that did not pertain to the product. For reviews to be helpful, they need to centered on the product and how it is expected to be used. Like Amazon, we will review all reviews to ensure they are product related and helpful. We will still show negative reviews about how the product performed and its characteristics, just not the ones that go on about how the mailman delivered to the wrong address, or how the hand lotion did not work as a beard conditioner.

Included with this Review Reward system is a general points reward system. We are not of fan of such, but is the best way get folks to engage with us. We are still drafting the rules and terms around this as we want it be as carefree as possible for you and for us. Point rewards can create a huge headache for everyone and increase customer experience problems when points aren’t where they seem they should be.

A couple safeguards we are placing is that points will never expire when connected with an active account. User accounts are automatically deleted after 15 months of inactivity; when the account is deleted so are any points, coupons or credits. Once an account is deleted, we can not recreate it. We will encourage points to be redeemed quickly and easily. There will be a maximum allowable points earned limit as well as a minimum to be redeemed. Points will be available to all users, even Primp+JÖL Club Members.

How to earn points: For every US$ spent, you will earn X points (still deciding the ratio). Every approved review will earn you points, creating a new account will get you a few points. We are also looking into a means to give out points for Likes & Shares with our Social Media. There will be a means to issue discretionary points to active accounts as well.

Once the Review and Reward Points system is in place we will certainly make a splash with it! There will also be a learning curve to deal with and likely some tweaks as we go. For all of our protection, we will have specific Terms & Conditions in place and posted on our Policies pages.

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