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Head Office Communique: 06/01/2021

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A few updates related to announced new products

First, we may not be able to produce the Citronella Candle as we planned. There is a wick shortage that we are running into and to keep our prices more reasonable, we will not purchase surge pricing for remaining inventories we find. It is expected that they will be more available by mid June. If we are able to acquire the needed wick size we will go forward with limited quantities.

The smaller size bug repellent is coming. There has been a delay in acquiring the necessary spray pumps. Once these arrive, we will resume production.

New Bar Soaps are being further delayed, we need to move out more existing inventory before we can begin production. Soap takes up a lot of room, and our allotted space is congested.

Liquid Shampoos and Conditioner have been delayed. We had a couple issues that took us away from production that are now behind us. We plan to get back into production the week of 5/16/2021

Scented Room Sprays are also on hold for the very short term. A necessary ingredient we ordered never arrived, so we are seeking a new supplier that can be more reliable as a source.

Other news

The OXFORD scent is being forced into retirement. The most essential component has been retired by the maker. We were shocked to learn that this had happened a year or so ago, but since our supplier had stock we were able to continue ordering… until now. What we have now is all there will be for us. Once it is gone, we will no longer be able to offer the OXFORD scent. Our similarly scented CEDAR LEATHER candle will remain. Testing will begin on using its formulation for use in Beard Oils and Soaps. Chances are that it will not be the same. We do suggest that those who really love this scent to order up now!

We do plan to introduce TONKA + OUD as a proper replacement as it shares some of the base notes of a masculine cologne. It is not the same, but we think those that loved OXFORD will enjoy TONKA + OUD.

SOLID COLOGNE is expected to return this summer. We are all set to start production on our 100% renewed line of Solid Colognes but are searching for the ideal packaging to set them apart from the rest. When we first introduced these a few years ago they were a huge hit, and something quite unique at the time. Since then, many have jumped into this category so it is important to us that these stand out from the crowd in look and fragrance options. The intent is to have 4 to 6 fragrances that will run the spectrum from light to bold. Look for some of our current scent offerings to be in the fold, along with a couple very distinctive scents will be specialized for this format.

LOCAL PICK UP is still available!

Chicago area shoppers are still able to utilize the Pickup option as a means to save on shipping fees. Simply select the option at checkout and select an available time slot for your appointment. With the pandemic restrictions are loosen over the next few weeks, we hope that more folks will want to find an excuse to get out of the house. Supporting a local small business is a great way to do that! Oh, and we are fully vaccinated here!

Feedback and Reviews

From our partners, who provide many of our services and ingredients, we get bombarded with emails packed with advice on how to grow a business. One common thread is the necessity of customer reviews. The last article we received noted that a large majority of shoppers rely heavily on customer reviews to aid in their purchasing decision. For the longest time we have only occasionally asked for our customers to review their products. For as many items that we have sold over the years we have had very few reviews. Encouraging shoppers to take time after their purchase to log in and give a review is difficult. As much as we would love to reward shoppers for reviews, Google and other forums do not allow compensation for reviews given. Through our own website it is possible, but also a challenge as most of our customers tend to shop as “guests” which removes the ability to reward them. Many of our contemporaries issue small discounts or account credit for giving a review on their store. This is something we are working to build here. We are looking into an automatic email response with a perk benefit. This email will go to the email account used for the sale. We wish for whatever perk we offer that it is something that will get used on a next purchase.

Overall, feedback is important to us. Hearing from you what you liked, and did not like, helps us do better. We are still a young and growing business, we are bound to make some less than desirable items from time to time. Every business has their product fails. Learning why they fail allows a business to hone their talents and fail less. Reviews are only one way of giving us feedback. Sending us an email and commenting on our social media is another. Letting us know as well as others about your experience from shopping to the results of using our products only make us better. If you experience a fail, allow us the ability to make it right. We feel we have done an excellent job of going above and beyond for any shipping errors or product issues. With a very strong background in customer service, and a lot of that in high end retail, has shown us how to handle situations professionally and respectfully.

So, please let us know how we are doing so we can do even better!

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