Head Office Communique – 10/16/2020


With the launch of our new candles we are a tad bit concerned that the possibility exists that they can sell out quickly. If we are able to measure demand accurately, we can be prepared with replenishment much more rapidly. This is where Pre-Orders help.

First, for the Candle Fragrance Test Sampler pack, we can make those available sooner through a Pre-Order to ship all at once the day we make them available. This will allow us to make as many as we need to maximize the demand. We can make these available for a 10 day period prior to the official release of the candles (target date 11/6/2020). We can then launch Pre-Orders for candles no later than 10/31/2020. Once all units are claimed, we can then prepare a second Pre-Order period to meet further demand if necessary. Doing this will give us the opportunity to produce more of what sold most and keep in-stock levels up through the holiday season.

Pre-Orders lead into a sticky situation of paying for something before you get it. Cancelling Pre-Orders will have a cost applied to us as a processing charge is applied to us by the bank. We will not charge a fee for cancelling a pre-order!

As stated with the Candle Fragrance Test Sampler, the item is FREE. If purchased alone, there is a $2.00 Postage & Handling Fee. There is a limit of one Test Sampler per customer as well as a $2.00 rebate coupon to apply to a future candle order. The Candle Fragrance Test Sampler is available to Pre-Order today, to be fulfilled 10/22/2020


Curbside Pick Up is currently being tested for functionality on our website. We hope to launch this by November 1st as part of our Holiday 2020 plans. Gift Wrapping for many items will also make a return around the same time.

Curbside Pick Up will literally be just that. When you checkout, select Local Curbside Pick Up, if available, as a shipping option. There is no charge for this service! Once selected, you will need to schedule your Pick Up by choosing an available Day and Time slot. There is a minimum of 1 day to process your order – there will not be a Same Day pick up option. Pick Ups will not be possible every day and will be limited to time periods where we can ensure we have someone available to come bring the item to you.

To be able to offer this, we ask that you keep your appointment time. Each appointment period is for 30 minutes, During that time we will be awaiting your arrival to hand off your order to you. If are going to be late, its not a problem, just let us know. If you cannot make your appointment at all, we will need to reschedule you for another available slot. If you opt to not pick up your order we will have to cancel and refund your order. Note, not all services can be refunded once performed. If your order qualified for FREE SHIPPING through Primp+Jol Club membership or be over our Free Shipping threshold, we will ship to you at a verified address.

My hope is that you find this added service a huge plus and will make shopping with us even easier and friendlier. If all goes well, we may continue this service after the holidays.

How will the pick up work if we don’t have a store? You will pick up your order from the home office location. Once you pull up and park at the curbside, you can let us know you have arrived with a quick text message or if we see you first we will run your order right out to you. There is no need to get out of your car. If you walked over, I will meet you at the gate to my building. As this is a residential building, I do have to make sure we are being safe and respectful of our neighbors. Oh, and mask/face covering will be required. Those who select Local Pick Up will get an email with instructions and in-the-moment contact information.

If you have any questions or comments about any of our products or services, please reach out to us. Email us at support@pogonotrophics.com or message us through Facebook or Instagram.

Thank you, John

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