Head Office Communique – September 12, 2020

We are gearing up for colder weather and the Holiday Season, despite it only being the start of September. There are a few things to expect and a couple things to not expect from us this season.


Our gift wrapping will return, and we hope to start that off in early November. Also expect some great sales with a weekly focus as we get closer to Thanksgiving. Much of what we do will depend on the current climate at the time we start making announcements. The state of affairs right now are a bit volatile and we must be mindful of the impact to everyone.

We have not decided upon a “Holiday” scent for this year. For Fall we suggest our HAVANA scent, which is coming to our new SHOWER GEL. Its notes of vanilla and brown sugar along with the earthy tones is a perfect Autumnal fragrance. Our plan in 2021 is to start having “Seasonal Scents” that will reflect the nature of a season and permits us to offer more options spread throughout the year. Producing them for only their peak season and then letting them sell out before the next season.


In the past we had an arrangement with a small boutique in our neighborhood that carried our products and was willing to accommodate the added traffic of our local online customers picking up their orders within their store. As time moved on, they became more focused on other categories of their business and were unable to accommodate our products, and our customers.

This was a setback for us as we had a lot of local customers that loved the ease and the savings of picking up orders over having them shipped. We have been working diligently to attempt to return this service option. We prefer to have a reliable store that maintains regular business hours that would allow more flexibility, but by picking up at our home office may have to suffice until then. As this is our actual “home” we must be mindful of the impact to our privacy as well as our neighbors. If we offer pick-ups there has to be a strict policy of when and how, with timed appointments that would be limited to certain days of the week and hours of the day. Any Pick-Ups will be literally a “CURBSIDE PICK UP” – you park on the corner, we run it out to you. We know this is not typical, but it is the best we can attempt for now.

Here is how a pick-up order process could function:

  • Your place and pay for your order online, customer receives confirmation receipt – this only indicates the order was paid for and sent to us to fulfill, not that it is ready for pick up.
  • We pick and prepare the order the next business day (Monday through Friday). Note, custom items may require an additional day to prepare.
  • Once an order is fully ready, we will contact you to confirm a pick up date and time. We will present options of 30 minute windows for you to select one.
  • There will no Pick-Ups after 12:00pm on Saturday, none on Sunday. The options will be limited to afternoons and early evenings and dependent upon what we have available.
  • When you confirm the appointment, we will ask you to provide a description of your vehicle (make, model, color). We will reply with detail instructions of where to park, how to inform us you have arrived.
  • Once you arrive, a quick text sent to us will prompt us to run your product down to you.

We are still fine tuning this plan, but so far this is how we have handled the case-by-case situations in the past. We are looking for an appointment scheduling add-in for our online store to make this simple.

Another option may be delivery for those who are VERY close to us. IF (just a thought at this point) we offer such, it will be a routed delivery system and done only once or twice per week in a limited area. Again, IF we were to do this.


A new pricing system is trickling into our store. You may have noticed the $x.x9 prices. Although many feel this is a means to make a higher price seem lower, we don’t think that way. It essentially boils down to us making it easier to match us up to others as well as a means for us to identify “regular”, “sale” and “clearance” pricing. This is a common practice of retailers. As we have grown, we have seen the need arise for such details.

Initially we shied away from such a format as we were selling in person through festivals. A simple “no cents” price point allowed us to make our prices clearer when sitting on a shelf with a sign. If we return to doing such, we will just round our pricing for such situations. Until then, we can play along with everyone else. For the majority of our products, the prices dropped by a penny.

We continually will audit our prices to ensure that products remain a true value while still be competitive and profitable. As are replenishing inventory of raw goods, we are seeing steep increases in shipping costs as well as pricing of ingredients that are in high demand. This will translate to price increases for affected items. It is a situation we wish we did not have to be in.


Along with this is the introduction of a CLEARANCE category for our online store. Prices will generally end in $x.69 or $x.29, making it clear they are clearance. Clearance will be a means for us to promote and highlight items we wish to move through to make room for new products. Sometimes it may simply be to lower inventory of certain selections as we may have over produced to demand. With the transitioning of our brands began this summer, it also means that older packaging and labels will be sold through to create a better presence for new packaging and labels. The products are still of quality and will perform as expected. All clearance sales are final, there will be no returns or refunds supported.

If there is ever an “OOPS” product, we will be sure to call that out so you are aware that it is not a “typical example” of the actual product we were making. The reality is, working with natural products there are times that the chemistry doesn’t work as expected. In the past, such products were given away to friends and family but we see the viability of making them available for sale to all.

Clearance items will not be discounted any further through sales or coupons unless it is specifically called out. This being new to our store, we will see how we can make it most effective and a value.

Inside the office we have been having a talk about how our competitors in the beard care market advertise and the micro messages that are inherent in the majority of Beard Oil online advertisements. We will share some of our takeaways from this conversation in an upcoming Blog post.

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