We Support the United States Postal Service

Anyone who has ordered from us is aware that we ship 100% of your orders through the USPS. We know this is not what everybody else does. Add that to the long list of things we do that “not everybody else does”. There is clear reason why we chose USPS as our official carrier for all customer orders.

USPS is far more efficient, faster and cheaper that any other carrier/shipping option out there. USPS is far more likely get your order to you safe and secure. While other carriers are tossing your orders over a fence, leaving them at your door to be stolen ; the USPS can delivery into your mailbox or will take the extra effort to place your package safely inside your door or ask that you pick it up from your local Post Office for no extra charge.

Just like the other major carriers, US Mail can be tracked and shipped. You can even receive a notice when it is delivered. And like other carriers, they make mistakes and packages get damaged or placed on the wrong truck. From my years of experience in Shipping and Fulfillment, it happens a heck of a lot less frequently.

Some have claimed that the USPS needs to be modernized and operate like Amazon, FedEx or UPS. I have to tell you they are just as modernized. And, they are far more efficient about it. USPS operates set routes with assigned carriers to those routes. Handling a substantially greater number of items and getting them to your door 6 days a week. While Amazon, FedEx and UPS struggle moving boxes, USPS is able to quickly move tiny pieces of mail in substantially larger quantities to homes and businesses in every corner of the country. USPS services are protected by law, which carries a lot more weight when nefarious actors get involved. Amazon barely even schedules deliveries and hands off packages to a delivery person as they come off the line. You can see numerous delivery vans crossing paths and delivery to the same street at the same time. That is chaos and costly, not cost effective efficiencies.

UPS and Amazon rely upon the efficiencies of the USPS to complete their services. UPS works with shippers to complete the delivery to residential addresses of many small items as it is not easy for them to perform such tasks. UPS and FedEx were created for large scale package and small freight shipping, mainly between businesses. They find residential services inconvenient and charge more for those services. When presented with the option of taking over the USPS they both said they could never do what they do as well.

Cost and Time – and time leads to costs. A small 2 pound package can be sent across the country – coast to coast – for less then $20 within 2 days with USPS. That is extremely less costly than what either UPS or FedEx can offer for the same level of service. That gets the package to your home, with tracking and insurance! Factor in how many of these packages USPS delivers to homes, by a carrier on foot, in a single day.

FedEx and UPS only offer business discounts to those businesses that are capable of shipping high volumes of packages through them. Most small businesses like ours will not qualify. Those discount rates are often still higher than USPS anyway.

There are claims the USPS is not profitable. To be blunt and on point, that is utter bullshit. There has been a desire of politicians to “sell” the USPS to a private owner for years. The private owner would pocket the revenue while cutting services and raising costs. This is not a scare tactic, conspiracy theory or a lie. This drive to privatize has taken place in other countries under the same political reasoning and pressure with horrific results. Mail services in Australia have become a joke. Carriers are paid to not deliver mail, but a note for the recipient to come to the office during normal hours, to retrieve their mail. So, if you are at work during those normal hours who is going to go get your mail. Oh, and post offices were closed and consolidated to where you may have to drive across town or across the desert to get your mail – daily.

The fact is, every time a government service is privatized it has become far more corrupt and far more expensive to operate as the quality of service declines. If our Federal Government would stop trying to create the problem and make the USPS look bad so the public will be more willing to go along with their plan, we could actually be adding more services and people to make the USPS an even more important institution to our people.

There have been proposals to have your local Post Office operate as a basic community bank for those who don’t have banking services can cash their paycheck and pay bills. This would hurt the PayDay loan and Currency Exchange business that profit greatly off of the lower income citizens who rely upon those institutions as they cannot receive services from standard banks. And those PayDay loan and Currency Exchange businesses are owned in part or in whole by known large banks. Then there is the work of the Congress to financially crush the USPS by forcing them to 100% prefund pensions for their employees and employees they don’t even have yet. No other government agency is required to do this, not the FBI, not the Defense Department. This was a means to steal the profits of the USPS and cripple it’s ability to appear profitable.

Recently there has been a lot of news stories about how USPS is having troubles sorting and delivering mail. These are manufactured situations where under new leadership, the Post Master General has removed equipment, cut staffing and cut work hours to create instability and inefficiencies; all the while claiming he is working to make them more efficient. The Post Master General has no credible related business experience and only received the position as large political donor who will help with the process to privatize. The news from all major outlets has downplayed the cause and sensationalized the effect. In a world where pictures speak louder, they love showing you the piles of undelivered mail while subtly noting some changes while loudly stressing how work is not getting done. The message has been clear as we are hearing calls to “let Amazon take over the mail” from average citizens. I, for one, don’t want my mail left on the street because the delivery person didn’t feel like accessing the mailbox or was over their allotted hours.

You think that would not happen? As a private business expected to achieve a level of profits and secure top level executives you can expect to see all the same issues you will see with any other for profit business. Low pay employees that are pressured to perform at a fast pace over efficiencies. Managers incentivized to apply that pressure will ensure that workers perform their duties quickly and cheaply. Failure to comply will lead to high turnover rates and a revolving door of under trained employees. Those who do stick with it, will be demoralized and burned out. As people complain about their mail service, we will get a PR spokesbot telling us they are working hard to improve matters and that all employees are well trained and paid for the work they do – completely ignoring the issues. We will be forced to accept that answer as we have no options for similar services. Mail rates will increase in line with the increase in executive pay. Competing services will become more expensive and free services will start having a fee. If you think this is crazy, look to Australia for how “awesome” their private mail service operates; and why the UK wants to return their privatized mail back to public domain only after a couple years.

By investing in the USPS and correcting the actions taken by Congress to harm the USPS, we can improve our communities, offer jobs and return the USPS to profitability. United States Postal Service is not only a necessity for nearly all Americans, it is the best choice for small businesses like J&L to serve their customers with a quality service and a lower price. No matter what you think of the USPS, the facts show they are the best at what they do. Those who feel they are not, think hard about all the things they do and how much of it, and think how well a profit driven entity will do it. Logistically, there is no comparison to all that the United States Postal Service does. Are you will to take the risk of losing it all or would you rather see that real work is done to correct the destructive work of our political system reversed and improve their operations.

We urge everyone to contact their Congressional representatives and tell them to reverse the 2005 Act that started the problems and to work hard to ensure the USPS remains strong and functional.

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