D.I.Y. means Do It YOURSELF…

…Not, Do It Using Somebody Else’s Product

With the popularity of D.I.Y and Beard Care we have seen a huge influx of new beard oil brands coming onto the market. We love seeing that more and more people are taking part to inspire men to take care of their beards. Such a little step to help men see the benefit of personal care and how that promotes Self Care. There are so many great resources on how to make personal care products for you and your family. We exist because not everybody wants to do add that into their already busy lives. We do not see competition as a threat but as inspiration.

On the downside, so many folks are buying pre-formulated beard oils from many Crafter’s supply companies who are looking to profit off the current state of the D.I.Y. personal care industry. A large number of these “Make Your Own” beard oil mixes are expensive and of questionable quality. Often they hype a one good ingredient and use a couple flashy specialty ingredients in very low proportions while they fill the rest with oils (and other items) that are not ideal for beard hair.

We did a lot of groundwork to find the best commonly available oils that do the work we set before them. A huge inspiration for us was how such high quality oils can be obtained easily to make beard oil. That learning the benefits of each ingredient oil and finding the right proportions to achieve the desired results was relatively simple. Yes, the key word is relatively. Relative to one’s understanding of biochemistry or biology and chemistry. It does not require a deep education into the field, but be one that has an understanding of the science at any level. There is science behind doing this, and it is easy to be found out if you don’t get it.

These pre-formulated bases are expensive! They are often lower quality, no matter how they hype it. And they are not always natural oils – with some containing glycerin and other ingredients that counter the moisturizing and conditioning work of the oils.

If you are looking into making your own Beard Oil, we applaud your efforts and wish you success. But please do your homework and put yourself 100% into what you are doing. Don’t take the easy route of taking someone else’s work and putting your name or brand to it. Google is your friend and there are tons of good, easy to read, scientific information out there on how to create any number of personal care items to be of premium quality.

Also, don’t go 100% “Third party”. Don’t have someone else make it, bottle it and label it for you. That’s lazy and you won’t make as much money doing that. This is a huge reason why we are less expensive than many of the larger brands out there – we make it all 100% in house while we use extremely high quality ingredients.

I do not wish to downplay what I do, or make it seem too easy. Honestly, the making of the product is the easiest part of what I do. Marketing, maintain a website, keeping track of the finances is what makes this a challenge. I love what I do, love that others appreciate it and I am very flattered with those that have been inspired by what I do. Whether I become a major player in this industry or remain a specialty boutique brand, I know it was because of all the work I did with help from friends and family; not because I took someone else’s work and put my name to it.

Also, this is important… if you plan to bring any product to the market, make sure whatever name you wish to call your brand, your business and your product are not already in use. This is another way Google is your friend. Search using every word you plan to use, and search with them in relation to each other. If it already exists, or is even close to your intended use, go back to the drawing board and come up with something new to try.

Take the time, develop and make your product and your brand. Put as much of YOU into as you can. Lean on friends for the related parts you can’t do. And if you can’t do it, find a new passion that you uses all that you are to the best of your abilities.

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