New J&L Apothecary Packaging Coming

Slowly, very slowly, as we make our way through current packaging inventory we will transition to new clear or white jars and bottles for all J&L Apothecary items.

Initially we went with blue as that is what we were using for J&L Pogonotrophics and many of our first J&L Apothecary products were originally started under that brand. As we try to capture the clean and simple nature behind our J&L Apothecary line we felt that carrying that idea into our packaging would be the right move. White is like a blank canvas that lets other parts shine and will be used for many of our lotions, creams and soaps. We will use clear jars for our masks and scrubs to let you see more easily what’s inside. For items that contain 100% natural oils or need to be protected from light we will likely continue to use the cobalt blue glass bottles.

These measures will also help us keep our prices lower as these options are also less expensive than the blue versions. For many of our items, the packaging has the largest impact upon our retail pricing.

As we make this transition over the coming months you may receive the new packaging while our images will be of the previous blue variation.

Also of note is that due to supply issues, there may be times that we need to use an alternate color for packaging of our J&L Pogonotrophics products. A few of our preferred styles can come to be in short supply which leads to our suppliers being out of dramatically raising the prices to lower demand. Our option for J&L Pogonotrophics is to use amber jars and bottles when this happens. Amber provides the same UV protection for our oils as the blue, ensuring your beard oil stays as fresh as possible.

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