Why we use plastic packaging

We wish to do our best to ensure we are respecting our environment as we produce and sell our natural hair and skin products. Using plastic containers for our products may not be the best way to communicate this.

Launching our Beard Oil it was important for us to use glass containers. Not only for the environment, but for the quality of the product. Oils can degrade plastic over time, causing a minor level of contamination. Knowing that these products will most likely be kept away from the shower, if stored in a bathroom, we were comfortable feeling that there would be low risk of broken glass cutting you if the bottle were to be dropped.

For other items we felt it was not wise to use glass. With many of these items being larger capacity, it meant they were at greater risk for breakage and much heavier to transport. Without the need to protect the contents as well as we needed to for our Beard Oils, it was reasonable to use plastic for these other items.

We use PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastics for our jars and bottles which are the most easily and commonly recycled plastics. They are light weight, durable and shatter proof. They are a necessary evil in our industry. As much as we would love an affordable option that is either made of post-consumer goods or of natural materials that are rapidly biodegradable, such does not exist.

It is important for us to promote recycling of these containers as much as we can. As we update our labeling we are placing a reminder to you to support recycling efforts. We do not wish for these to directly end up in a landfill. To save on waste and the use of plastic was the impetus behind our new shampoo bars as well as the expanding line of bar soaps.

Do be assured we did not make these decisions lightly. As much as we wish to protect our environment. we feel this was the right decisions for today.

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