Glycerin should never be in your beard oil!

When looking into recipes and ingredients of beard oil, from DIYers to major brands you will quite often find glycerin listed as an ingredient.

Often used in numerous skin and hair care products for its hydrating properties. Glycerin attracts moisture, that is the job it performs. It also helps move that moisture from one place to another. In lotions, soaps and conditioners it will carry the moisture of the product and transfer it to your skin or hair. With hair conditioners it is rinsed out after application limiting the ability to pull moisture from your hair. With a beard oil being designed to work as a leave in conditioner, if it were to contain glycerin it will begin to drain your beard of the moisture it needs. This can lead to dry, brittle hair. Some consumers will assume they need to use more of their beard oil which will only make it worse.

I have encountered many gentlemen that have used certain major brands that are known for using glycerin in their beard oil. These gents clearly stated that beard oil does not work because of their experience using such low quality oils. It also taints their opinion of all beard oils as they are unaware that better oils exist that do not use glycerin. Often it is too late, and the damage is done to their beard as well as to beard oil being considered a beneficial product for their beard hair.

Whether these other brands use it because they feel it is a benefit or they consider it an inexpensive filler ingredient doesn’t matter. It shows they lack knowledge of hair care science and have not done their research.

We here at J&L Pogonotrophics have never used glycerin in any of our beard oil formulas. We rely strictly upon the awesome powers of pure natural oils that work well to condition your beard. We formulate specialized formulas to help you get the right level of conditioning for your beard. We also offer our beard oils at a price lower than these so called “premium” beard oils. You have to ask yourself what makes a beard oil premium…

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