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New Direction

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It was time we rebuilt our presence from the ground up. Our web developing tools were becoming clunky and limited. Our eCommerce solution had it’s limits as well. Both were getting costly for what little they offered us.

Doing it all in house and our way is very important to us. Although pressure was there to be more like everybody else. We are going to still fight that despite using very popular platforms that rely upon pre-established themes that have limited customization possibilities.

Our most important component will be to have a quicker loading store with en extremely simple look that allows our product to speak for itself. In time we hope to add features that permit subscriptions for our most consumed products as well as more robust customization of gift sets and packaged sets.

Being able to tell stories and share insights within our website will be beneficial as well.

This post is being written as we begin the development of our new site. We know it will likely be months before it is full ready for the masses. For those that care, we will do our best to share our journey as we go.

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