Q: Do you have free samples/How can I get samples?

A: We do not offer samples free or otherwise. In our industry, the smaller the package the more expensive it gets. Some of our items do have smaller, lower priced options. We offer sets and combinations to present a reasonable means to TRY our products. In our goal to be a more affordable hand crafted natural product line means that samples are not cost effective - especially when shipping is involved. In person, we have testers available for scents and select items. Also, many of our items are very personal in nature and require being applied by hand - this makes having testers available a sanitary issue.


Q: How long will it last?

A; That's a highly subjective question. Everyone uses such products like we make differently. Some use them daily, some use them sparingly or on occasions. Typically a Beard Oil would last a month for the average full beard using it daily. Soaps, shampoos, conditioner it is highly dependent on how much you tend to use. Our liquid soaps do give more bang per drop but people have their habits and despite informing them that a little goes a long way they still dollop their accustomed quantity. Our bar soaps are the same way - how do you use bar soap? Is it a hand soap on the side of a sink? Do you use in bathing, in the shower, with a cloth or without? all of this factors in. Using a bar of our soap in the shower 2-3 times per week with aggressive lathering it will last over a month (that's how I use them). As far as longevity of the product in your home; beard oils are best consumed withing 3 months of opening and should be stored away from sunlight and heat. Soaps, scrubs and most other items that are not oil based (but may include oils) have a much longer life.


Q: I really like a certain scent, will you make it?

A: We might. Keep telling us what scents you enjoy and why... the more folks we hear tell us about their favorite scents the more ideas we develop. We try to be somewhat unique with what we offer and we strive to make it fit into a scenting spectrum. We have our core scents that as long as they are well liked they will continue. We like to bring out new limited run scents and if they do well we make them available as a custom order offering for select products. There are scents we will NOT make for products that are used on your face or could get into your eyes, nose, ears or mouth. We will not make a leather scent!!! Until there is a safe for use on skin leather scent that smells like leather we cannot offer it. The leather scent oils we find are highly toxic for personal use or smell nothing like leather.


Q: Are any of your products "Organic"?

A: Our use of certified organic ingredients is growing. Where we find a high quality organic ingredient that is equal to or better than the current pure natural ingredients we are currently using we will consider switching if the price is right. Currently all our shampoos, conditioners and body washes are over 90% Certified Organic ingredients. We have just moved to certified organic jojoba and argan oils.


Q: Where is your store located?

A: We are the maker of all our products (excluding accessories). Like many manufacturers, we do not maintain a storefront or operate any physical retail locations. Our products are available for retailers to purchase and resell. When the point comes that we see some benefit of offering a storefront that helps represent and extend our brand decently we will consider it. Maintaining a physical retail space is a costly venture with many risks, mainly a dramatic increase to overhead costs. We doubt a shopping space that solely represents our brand is sensible. Which leads to finding the right mix of products or services that ensures we get a regular traffic flow and necessary revenues to keep the doors open. Yes, we continue to think through this concept.


Q: Why J&L Apothecary?

A: Because we saw an increase in interest and sales of our products to women and men that did not identify with our core brand of products designed for bearded and hairy men. As our non-beard centric offerings grew the realization came that we needed to set these items apart from the rest. This change also allows us to bring forth even more new products for more people, and pets. Our approach is to offer a wide variety of quality naturally sourced products, scented in a broad range of things that will have appeal across demographics. Apothecary Brand products will not be gender specific, it's up to you to choose the products in whatever scent or configuration that pleases you; that helps you feel even better and more epic. Pogonotrophics isn't going away, it's focus will always and forever be products for bearded and hairy men!

J&L Pogonotrophics LLC

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