As founders of J&L Pogonotrophics, John and Larry have a lot of experience in many related fields to starting this enterprise.


John has over 20 years retail experience, most of those spent behind the scenes in merchandising, inventory management and fulfillment along with customer service. This supports being able to build a strong brand image and sensible management of the business. He also has love of science and culinary arts; which is fundamental to the talents behind developing the products J&L creates. Larry brings much of the same customer centric experiences along with great experience dealing with finances of non-profits and large financial institutions. Both are avid pogonophiles, with 50+ years experience of beard growing and care. This exact point is what led to the founding of J&L.


While John is pretty much the face and brains of operations - developing and producing the products from start to finish and overseeing all details of every aspect of the business, Larry is the first line of product development, helping flesh out ideas and plans - ensuring we keep to our principles and brand image. Larry also is very involved with the back end and is visible at the POP-UP stores. All this experience as professionals and as consumers has helped form and build this beast. John & Larry have strong aspirations for J&L but are also patient and wishing to take time to let it grow from within, naturally.


J&L Pogonotrophics was founded in the dining room of John & Larry's home. A collision of ideas and actions led to the "a-ha!" moment that we can make an amazing beard oil and sell at a price that is below the majority of brands already out there - and at the time there were not too many brands out there. A decision was made to make extremely high quality products and not have them be out of reach for the average bearded man, bucking the trend of labeling the product as a luxury item and charging a premium price. This was the start of creating our brand image. First it was to capture the soul of what we wished to be - something classic but brought to a modern level. To not play to some masculine bravado but to evoke an average bloke feel through borrowing from Victorian era design.


We also felt that innovation would be a key differentiator. It was only logical to us that no one beard oil would work the same for all men, so we made 3 unique formulas. J&L Pogonotrophics are the inventors of Beard Butter; a product that has spread fast throughout the beard care marketplace that is something like the spawn of Beard Oil and a balm. This innovation was instrumental of grabbing attention and building our company. Sadly, it was quickly imitated in name and the formula has been hi-jacked by other enterprising folks out there. Our innovating did not end there as we have developed Junk Oil - a men's body oil that replaces powder to keep parts fresh and reduce sweat between showers. There is even more innovation to come!


Since our humble beginning in our Chicago apartment we have grown into 2 brands totaling over 50 items in various scents to meet the needs of not only bearded and hairy men, but to serve everyone that wishes to have quality clean products for their skin and hair. Although we started as a bear care company, we have grown to serve all people who are looking for genuine quality without pretense and sold comparatively at a more reasonable price. J&L is poised to be a major competitor in the natural personal care industry.


Today we have a loyal following a strong admiration from many people near and far. We are in that position of being that little secret that you don't want to freely share as it may hurt the quality of the product. We don't want to keep it a secret any longer!



1. To bring to the marketplace products that are clean, natural and where possible, organic.



2. To offer premium quality products at a more approachable price.



3. To not dictate a lifestyle by respecting your individuality.



4. To be a different kind of company from inside out.



5. To be flexible and evolve.


J&L Pogonotrophics LLC

Chicago, IL 60626