J&L POGONOTROPHICS is the maker and purveyor of various personal care products being sold under 2 specific brands: J&L Pogonotrophics for all beard, facial hair and masculine care products; J&L Apothecary Brand for gender neutral personal care products.


Starting out as merely a BEARD CARE company, we quickly expanded into other areas thanks to requests from customers. J&L APOTHECARY BRAND came about to avoid gender profiling and allow our products to sell themselves through quality and performance. Through this brand we offer a wide array of hair, skin and body products for ANY BODY; and are expanding into pets and potentially household items.


Between both brands, it is most important that they are of the highest quality, clean & natural and as affordable as possible when compared to other small "boutique" brands like ours.


Our founders share over 50 years of "bearding" experience and nearly as much experience with retail, brand building, merchandising, and have become growing advocates for clean living. We are a family owned boot-strap small business; and proud of it! Based in Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood, we are easily found roaming about in the north side neighborhoods. We are strong supporters of various Chicago organizations and social causes. As a business we have no agenda other than to provide our quality products to those who appreciate them and to expand our appeal to more people to appreciate them as well.


Our future goals are to have a full functioning production space and retail facility that we can open to the public. Our aim is to share the space with like minded boot-strap local businesses to offer a broader assortment of goods across many lines.


We thank you for your time, interest and patronage. We hope you enjoy what you take away from us and will share your experiences with others as well as tell us what you think.


John & Larry

along our expanded family of John, Brandon, Crystal and Ted





1. To bring to the marketplace products that are clean, pure, natural and where possible, organic.



2. To offer premium quality products at a more approachable price.



3. To not dictate a lifestyle through respecting your individuality.



4. To be a different kind of company from inside out.



5. To be flexible and evolve.


J&L Pogonotrophics LLC

Chicago, IL 60626